Plant of the Month: Snake’s Head Fritillary

Plant of the Month: Snake’s Head Fritillary

Wednesday April 8 2020

Or Fritillaria meleagris This bewitching plant is a British native and is slowly unfurling throughout the Red House garden. The name refers to its physiology, how the stem pushes up and reveals a slender bell shaped flower that initially resembles a snake, but soon widens out to reveal a chequer board pattern in shades of […]

Plant of the Month: Japanese Apricot

Friday February 28 2020

February, with the seemingly never-ending stream of storms rolling through, has been a grey and dreary month. Foruntuately, the gardens here at The Red House are always a source of vibrancy and colour. Garden Manager Penny chose the bright and beautiful Prunus mume ‘Beni-Chidori’, otherwise known as the Japanese apricot, for our February Plant of […]

Plant of the Month: Hellebores

Thursday February 6 2020

A welcome flush of colour in a grey, drizzly January, hellebores are Garden Manager Penny’s top pick for Plant of the Month. With 17 species of European hellebores, there are two native to the UK; helleborus foetidus and helleborus viridus, both of which you can spot in The Red House gardens. With their late winter/early […]

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