Retraining as a gardener at The Red House

Retraining as a gardener at The Red House

Wednesday March 17 2021

Fiona Appleton, WRAGS (Work and Retrain As a Gardener Scheme) trainee started her tenure in September 2020. We caught up with her to find out how she has enjoyed the past six months working and learning at The Red House garden. So, what do you do here, at The Red House? So, I basically do […]

Plant of the Month: Peonies

Wednesday June 10 2020

Peonies (paeonia) are native to Asia, Southern Europe and Western North America, the number of species estimated range from 25 to 40. Most are herbaceous perennial plants but some have a woody structure and can grow up to 10 feet tall. The peony is among the longest-cultivated flowers in Eastern culture, and understandably so as […]

Plant of the Month: Snake’s Head Fritillary

Wednesday April 8 2020

Or Fritillaria meleagris This bewitching plant is a British native and is slowly unfurling throughout the Red House garden. The name refers to its physiology, how the stem pushes up and reveals a slender bell shaped flower that initially resembles a snake, but soon widens out to reveal a chequer board pattern in shades of […]

Plant of the Month: Japanese Apricot

Friday February 28 2020

February, with the seemingly never-ending stream of storms rolling through, has been a grey and dreary month. Foruntuately, the gardens here at The Red House are always a source of vibrancy and colour. Garden Manager Penny chose the bright and beautiful Prunus mume ‘Beni-Chidori’, otherwise known as the Japanese apricot, for our February Plant of […]

Plant of the Month: Hellebores

Thursday February 6 2020

A welcome flush of colour in a grey, drizzly January, hellebores are Garden Manager Penny’s top pick for Plant of the Month. With 17 species of European hellebores, there are two native to the UK; helleborus foetidus and helleborus viridus, both of which you can spot in The Red House gardens. With their late winter/early […]

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