Archive Treasures: A Spiritual Home – Britten, Pears and The Red House

Archive Treasures: A Spiritual Home – Britten, Pears and The Red House

Friday February 26 2021

The former homes of famous people are referred to, variously, as ‘house museums’ or ‘personality houses’. They are effectively physical ‘biographies’, telling the stories of the well-known former occupant(s) and presenting the physical traces of their habitation to the visiting public. In the case of The Red House in Aldeburgh, Britten and Pears’ final home, […]

Steuart Bedford, 1939 – 2021

Tuesday February 23 2021

‘It was amazing how quickly one warmed to this man,’ Steuart Bedford said of his first meeting with Benjamin Britten. ‘He entered our hearts very easily.’ That meeting took place in 1946 when Steuart was seven years old, in the year his mother appeared in the premiere production of Britten’s The Rape of Lucretia. It […]

Archive Treasures: Browsing the Bookshelves – Reading Britten and Pears

Friday February 12 2021

Close inspection of the bookshelves in The Red House reveals a number of volumes that must have had special resonance for Britten and Pears. These titles come under the category of ‘gay literature,’ though they were part of The Red House library well before that term gained common usage. What is interesting is that, whether […]

Archive Treasures: Love in the accounts

Thursday February 4 2021

The archive at The Red House spans all aspects of Britten and Pears’ lives together – from their professional activities, the compositions and performances that made them world famous, to the everyday details of their household here.  Every scrap of paper tells a story – and they kept virtually everything.  The story of their long relationship, the […]

Archive Treasures: East meets West in the Archive

Thursday January 21 2021

Rostropovich, Menuhin, Richter – asked to compile a list of musicians who worked with Britten and Pears, there are some obvious names. Likewise, asked to name Western musicians who explored Indian culture in the 1960s, most people would come up with names from the world of rock music. Less well known is the way that […]

Osian Ellis, Harpist (1928-2021)

Wednesday January 20 2021

Regarded by several generations of harpists as one of the key exponents of the instrument, Osian Ellis has died aged 92. During a long career that saw him collaborate with many performers he established a lengthy, creative friendship with Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears. Ellis’ mastery of the harp first attracted Britten’s attention in January […]

Lockdown Accessions

Friday October 2 2020

Our Archive has been fortunate to be able to continue receiving items to add to the collections during the 2020 pandemic. As people sorted through their cupboards and drawers, decluttering their houses during lockdown, some discovered old programmes, photographs, magazines and letters which they have now kindly passed on to us. These are mostly items […]

Julian Bream (1933-2020)

Wednesday August 19 2020

Guitarist, lutenist, communicator, source of inspiration: Julian Bream was a musician who fulfilled a number of important roles. He spent most of his eighty-seven years as an advocate for the classical guitar. He played a considerable part in the instrument’s renaissance during his lifetime as a player and commissioner of new works. Bream’s artistry took […]

Archive Treasures: Channel Air Bridge

Monday August 10 2020

One of the fascinations of an archive is the way that, no matter how apparently focused its content may be, other topics creep in at the edges. The world’s largest free-standing composer’s archive, the collection at the Red House, gives detailed chapter and verse on the professional activities of Benjamin Britten, Peter Pears and their […]

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