Season 3

Season 3: Episode 1

1 March 2021 – A Conversation with Reverend Richard Coles

Tune in for a wide-ranging conversation with Reverend Coles about his extraordinary life and variety of careers, his lifelong love of music of all kinds from Motown to Benjamin Britten, the experience of being an ‘accidental popstar’, life as a gay man and political activist in the 1980s, how Christian faith can manifest in music and in physical spaces, the great ‘community’ of both activism and the Church, and the life-changing effects of the recent lockdown. Plus, what our contributors (and dogs) have been listening to lately.


Season 3: Episode 2

19 March 2021 – Talking about History with Dr Anna Maria Barry

In this podcast during Women’s History Month, Lucy and Anna have a fascinating conversation about a wide range of histories, and how historical stories are told. Tune in to hear about celebrities of the nineteenth century, the heroic figure of the British tenor (and how Italian tenors became the villains of romantic novels!), portraits and death masks of musicians, composer Ethel Smyth and her purple outfits, and the cliche of the ‘tragic’ female performer. Plus, the usual wide range of music our speakers have been listening to.


Season 3: Episode 3

2 April 2021 – Talking about a Passion for Music with Jamie Njoku-Goodwin

As we celebrate a year of Britten Pears Arts, we welcome a new Trustee! Jamie Njoku-Goodwin has had a remarkable career, from a music degree at Nottingham University, to a move into the political sphere, and his recent appointment as Chief Executive of UK Music. Tune in to hear a fascinating conversation about the emotional impact of music, how performing and hearing music can have a huge effect on our health and wellbeing, the devastating consequences of the pandemic on the music industry, and how we’ve all hugely missed live performance. Plus, some great tracks for our podcast playlist.


Season 3: Episode 4

26 April 2021 – Talking about Early Music with Joseph McHardy

Tune in for a fascinating conversation between Lucy and Joe (who are both alumni of Edinburgh University!) about the rich and varied European choral tradition. The Chapel Royal at St James’s Palace has an extraordinary history, intertwining the musical interests of English monarchs with the great musicians of the previous centuries, including Byrd, Tallis and Purcell. Joe is also researching the remarkable African-Portuguese composer of choral works Vicente Lusitano, born in the 1520s. Plus, the joys (and perils) of keyboard skills, improvising in an ensemble, the influence of Purcell on Benjamin Britten, and as usual the listening choices of both our contributors.


Season 3: Episode 5

11 May 2021 – Talking about dream.risk.sing with Samantha Crawford and Lana Bode

This week, Lucy is joined by soprano Samantha Crawford and pianist Lana Bode to talk about their new collaborative project dream.risk.sing: elevating women’s voices. Tune in to hear more about this exciting new project, the inspiration behind it, and the huge potential to explore further women’s stories in song. Plus, as usual, some terrific songs for our Podcast playlist.


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