We are not accepting new applications for Creative Retreats until further notice. We are only making space for those people whose retreat we had to cancel in 2020 until April 2021, and then we will be implementing a new application system. Please keep an eye on the website for the new system in due course.

Creative Retreat scheme information

There is no charge for the retreats.

The scheme is open to composers, performers, collaborative artists, writers and researchers.

Individuals or collaborative groups can apply for a maximum of two separate retreats per calendar year and for a maximum of two weeks per retreat.

The retreats are for professional purposes, not for personal or family holidays.

We would ask all participants for some written or spoken feedback at some point during their stay regarding the experience of being on Creative Retreat. This is for us to evaluate the scheme on an ongoing basis and to discover the types of projects or creative teams that benefit from retreat. This can be as short as a simple paragraph, delivered via email, a short piece to camera or blog/vlog post; or if preferred through conversation with the Creative Retreat team at The Red House.

During open season (March-October) participants on the retreats are entitled to a free pass to visit The Red House site during their stay. Outside open season there may be the opportunity to see some of the site by appointment.

Participants can visit the Archive at The Red House by appointment for the purposes of research.

All the properties are entirely self-catering.

Each property has a piano or keyboard.

All properties are non-smoking, and no pets are allowed.

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